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Community Building for Introverts

Community Building for Introverts

Community building for introverts doesn’t have to be scary. There are so many of us navigating social media and networking with the same sentiment.

When I launched SoVerve Marketing Group, I did so with absolutely no audience. I didn’t have a “public” Instagram or Facebook page, I didn’t have a massive contact list, and the word “newsletter,” was very foreign.

“I am fairly private and in the world of digital marketing, something had to give.”

What I did have was a passion and desire to help solopreneurs and small business owners in all areas of digital marketing. While I am not extremely shy, I am fairly private and in the world of digital marketing, something had to give.

Community building for introverts doesn’t have to be scary. I’ve found that there are so many others like myself navigating social media and networking situations with the same sentiment.

There are different levels of introversion. Some introverts are extremely shy, while others just need a little nudge to break out of their shell. That is what I needed, just a little nudge to get my confidence going and I was out the window flying!

With so many social media channels and ways to group down by niche, it is odd to still think that someone cannot build a community or network whilst being an introvert.

The truth is, introverts make up a vast majority of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurs due to their amazing listening skills — among other strengths.

Even so, many business owners who consider themselves introverts have a challenging time building a community on and offline. So how can they build massive followings, engage with their community, and build networks with colleagues?

The answer is simple — start with focusing on your strengths. By focusing on your strengths you will be able to highlight all that is marvelous about you and then some.

Focus on Your Strengths

You are a Good Listener. Being a good listener is so important in business, and in life. Introverts are amazing listeners because they are focused on you. They are truly engaged in what you are saying instead of just “hearing” you.

You Put Others First. People like to feel special, taken care of, and attended to. All of us have that one person we go to because we know they will clap for us when we win and pat us on the back when we lose. More often than not, this person is an introvert.

You are a Networking Machine. If you ask the majority of the people on your list of “I’d love them to be my business or career mentor,” the majority of them will say they are introverts. Being an introvert makes you a natural at networking because you know how to nurture relationships.

Build Your Online Community

For Like-minded Individuals. Engagement is the holy grail of social media community building. Through Instagram hashtags or geo tags, you can find like-minded individuals who you have things in common with.

Join Groups on Facebook. Facebook groups are such an amazing way to build new friendships. In these groups, you will find others with the same interests as you and often in the same cities as you.

Don’t Forget Your Newsletter. You own your newsletter, use it to your advantage and get to know your followers and community members. Perhaps send one campaign a month to talk about you and your current happenings. Make it personable!

Build Your Offline Community

Put it in Writing. Send a written thank you card after a meeting, when possible. Nothing builds a relationship offline like those little extras, plus no one does them anymore and they are so nice to receive.

Partner Up. Link up with a fellow colleague and hit the town for the next networking event. Sometimes having someone with you helps to bring you out of your shell.

Be Prepared. Practice and nail your elevator pitch and don’t forget your marketing material (like business cards or social media cards). They can work as amazing conversation pieces when used correctly.

Now go build that amazing community!

So you see being an introvert is actually an amazing and wonderful thing. Once you embrace your true self, you can focus on how to leverage that character trait to your advantage. Now go build that amazing community!


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Stephanie Rubio

Stephanie Rubio

Owner, SoVerve Marketing Group

Stephanie Rubio is the founder of SoVerve Marketing Group, a bespoke business consulting and marketing firm that caters to small business owners and solopreneurs.

  • Awesome article Stephanie! I’m am an introvert. I’m awesome behind the keyboard and just as shy, but VERY observant in person (including on camera –live or not). My personality has been a challenge for me in business. I’m still finding a way to embrace who I am and find a way to come out of my shell but comfortably.

    I love your tips about business + social +thank you cards. All are amazing to share!

    Building offline is on my list. Finding intimate networking events are my goal. I hate big crowds and fake intros at events.

    Great article! Thank you for sharing! 💕

    • Thank you so much Natalie for sharing your thoughts. With evergreen content being slowly replaced by small nuggest of “live” info via the likes of Periscope, FB Live, and even Snapchat, I dare say we must all learn to slowly come out of our shell a little bit.

  • Yamilette @

    It’s funny that you shared this Stephanie cause I consider myself really shy, but once you know me I’m soon not! Being an entrepreneur and putting myself out there has been huge for me this year! Never thought I would be doing it, but I am! One thing I need are business cards, didn’t really think about that… another thing to add to the list! Thanks girl! <3

    • Hi Yami! Were you able to get those business cards? You know, I have found that social media cards are now all the rage as well, and they come in so many fun shapes and sizes. Being an entrepreneur is hard as it is, having tools to make our networking easier truly helps. Thanks for sharing your journey with our community here at See Girl Work. xx.

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