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Fostering Creativity: My Top 5 Offline Sources

As the end of the month marks a fresh new year, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of the things that help fuel my inspiration each day.

I have two blogs and a marketing business which means I’m always knee deep in social media, blogs and websites. But a lot of my creative inspiration and ideas come from offline sources.

Ideation is the first step in creating your new product; refining your idea! How do you find a well of inspiration and conjure up new ideas?

Below are my top five offline sources that fuel my inspiration.

Fostering Inspiration

Luxury Beauty Products: I am a huge product junkie. In fact, everyone who knows me knows how deep my beauty drawer is. I will collect luxury beauty items — not because I use them, but because the packages are always so premium. The paper stock, texture, colour combos, embellishments, font styles, logos all make me swoon. Gift shops in international airports are some of the best places to get sample sizes of some of the world’s most luxe beauty products like Chanel, Lancome and La Prairie Skin.

Travel, Fashion and Decor Magazines: I love travelling, interior style and decor. Chic travel, home decor, interior design and photo journal publications like Suitcase Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Domino Magazine and Elle Decor provide colour inspiration, styling ideas, and they even provide ques on how to write effective blog post headlines.

Restaurants: The number of delicious restaurants in Toronto can truly be overwhelming but one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is try out a new coffee shop or restaurant. There are a lot of great spots in the city that have great interior style. From the material of the tables to the finishes on the pendant lighting, I love seeing what materials are used where in the various restaurants around the city. A few spots I’ve been loving as of late are: Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Creeds Coffee Bar, Smith, and Miss Thing’s.

Music: I never attempt to work without music — especially since I do most of my work from home. A great album or playlist keeps me motivated and excited about whatever I’m working on, whether it be something for the blog or a client project. I’ve currently been overplaying Solange — but isn’t everybody?!

Travel: Over the past few years, I’ve really gotten into traveling. I’ve only visited a few countries so far, but seeing other places, interacting with new faces and cultures always leaves me feeling rejuvenated, happy and lucky. I get a ton of inspiration by looking at art, jewelry, books and photography from other regions of the world. My trip to Africa earlier this year prompted me to write this blog post. And a beautiful canvas painting that I bought in Cape Town was the inspiration behind this blog post.

What kinds of things help you keep things fresh?

I also love to hear from other creative professionals on what helps them stay motivated. Other than your go-to websites and blogs, what kinds of things help you keep things fresh and inspiring in your business?


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