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Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Business

Holiday marketing can boost your year-end sales, raise brand awareness and inject a healthy dose of festive spirit into your business.

Many consumers expect businesses to promote festive communications during the holiday season. Holiday marketing can boost your year-end sales, raise brand awareness and inject a healthy dose of festive spirit into your business.

Below are six holiday marketing tips for small businesses to get you moving in the right direction during the festive season.

1. Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are an inexpensive and easy-to-implement option for maintaining contact with existing clients. Email helps brands connect in a timely, personal manner, and during the holiday season, it’s a method that’s been proven to work.

But you have to decide how the holidays will fit into your overall marketing plans. Will you be sending out season’s greetings emails to loyal clients offering specials? Maybe you’ll provide educational content to your clients that are particularly relevant to the holidays?

Think about how the holidays fit with your brand, what value you want to provide to your clients and what calls to action you’ll be including in order to see an increase in either brand awareness or sales.

2. Social Media

Social media is meant to be social, so use the holiday season to give your posts some festive spin. You will get people excited not only about the season but also about your brand!

Get your audience in the holiday spirit by changing your social media cover photos to reflect the holiday season. People are browsing social media more than usual so fresh cover photos will motivate them to check your social media and look for special offers or gift ideas.

3. Christmas Cards

I love stationery and thank you cards. In fact, this year we designed and ordered our client Christmas cards from Vista Print.

Sending out real Christmas cards (instead of e-cards) allows me to be a little unique and promote my brand. This is something all small businesses can do to raise their notoriety, familiarity and brand image. If you don’t have design skills or have access to a graphic designer – there are plenty of boxed sets that you can easily purchase at prices that won’t break your marketing budget.

Just remember to be sincere and personal in your messaging and don’t forget to include a few business cards in the card as well.

4. Contests

Christmas time is a perfect opportunity for a fun contest to entertain your customers and allow them to participate. Have a photo contest on your website or social media, for example.

Whoever takes the best holiday photo wins a free T-shirt, or something of that sort. You can really get creative with this one, and people will be engrossed in the contest and won’t think your business is just trying to make money.

5. Charity

The most successful marketing creates an emotional connection with the target audience and compels action. Being able just to say that you are aligned with a charitable cause puts a positive light on the public relations for your company or your personal brand.

Integrating your holiday marketing with a non-profit is a great way to promote your brand. Also if you support a cause that your clients or prospects care about, you gain their attention, respect and trust.

6. Affiliate Campaigns

If you have an online business or a blog with really great traffic, you should also consider affiliate campaigns as part of your holiday marketing. Having an effective affiliate strategy can open up your e-commerce business to new revenue streams you might not be able to reach on your own. Posting about the hottest holiday gift items is a great way to build your site or blog with content people are actually searching for during the holidays.

Gear your December promotions towards holiday savings, coupons, and great shopping deals, which a lot of people will be searching those keywords for various merchants, so make sure to weave that content into your postings and pages.

What plans does your business have for the Holidays?

The holidays are the time to feel the festive cheer and be around your loved ones, but if you’re running a business it is also the time to take advantage of the marketing opportunities the holidays offer.


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