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Podcast Episode 2: What’s the Difference Between Marketing, PR and Digital Marketing?

In episode 2 of the See Girl Work podcast series, I talk about the differences between Marketing, PR, and Digital Marketing.

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As a founder, small business owner or freelancer just starting out, it’s important to know who to hire or consult with in order to achieve your business goals.

A Public Relations professional might not be able to create a beautiful e-commerce website for you.

A Marketing professional might not be able to get you the media attention that you need to successfully launch your product.

Although these three functions do have to work together ─ and sometimes can even be done by one person ─ as a business person, you should know the difference between what PR, Marketing and Digital Marketing professionals do.


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Alethea Robinson

Founder & Blogger-in-Chief, See Girl Work

Alethea Robinson is the founder of See Girl Work. With over 10 years of marketing experience, she specializes in campaign execution, project management, team management and trade show planning and events. Alethea is also skilled at developing digital marketing content including blog posts, interviews, editorials and social media.


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