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The Ultimate Boss Guide to Beauty on the Go

It’s important to always have the right makeup and beauty tools for touch ups and grooming on-the-go.

As busy women on the go — whether we’re developing our careers or building our businesses, we still need to look polished and pulled together — especially at client meetings, social occasions or professional networking events.

I know we want our work to speak for itself, but let’s get real: we have to be boss and beauty! That’s why it’s important to have our beauty tools and makeup regimen just as itemized as the rest of our busy lives.

The next day’s outfit, hair, and makeup should be planned out in advance. If you’re heading out for client drinks or an event, it’s easy to know what needs to go in your beauty kit or purse.

But we should even have a plan for those days that party invites come up a la carte or on a whim.

Below is the latest on the beauty tools we’ve been carrying around in our beauty travel kits this Holiday season.




1. For our cheeks: mini face contour brush set.

My sister, Yanisha is a contour queen. Her morning routine is blend, blend, blend, then sculpt! But by the time we’re done work and ready to attend an event, some of those sculpting and contouring lines become blurred. That’s why she turns to the brush IQ mini face contour brush set. The kit includes a mini pointed foundation brush, a mini contour foundation brush and a blending sponge. The brush set is conveniently sized for travel and is perfect for your purse and on-the-go touch ups.

2. For our lashes: a curl & go eyelash curler.

My sister, Shana is through and through a lash girl. But we all know that sometimes by the end of the day, pimped up eyelashes can take a fall. Shana carries around the curl & go eyelash curler. For beautiful lash curls, this mini curl & go lash curler folds into a compact case specially crafted for great lashes on-the-go. Ideal for travel or the everyday purse, you will never be caught in a crowd without bold, beautiful lashes!

3. For brows: a travel sized mini brow rescue kit.

I’m obsessed with having fleek looking eyebrows. It’s the one thing I never leave home without.  But to keep my brows looking on point throughout the day, I tote around a travel sized brow essentials kit. I like this one from Tweezerman because it fits in any makeup bag or purse for quick touch ups on the go.

I know we want our work to speak for itself, but let’s get real: we have to be boss and beauty!

As you tread from party to party, or from work to party, remember to have your beauty tool must-haves in your beauty bag or purse at all times.

Be Prepared for Last Minute Social Calls

Don’t let it happen to you that you turn down a last minute invite with your boss or new client because you weren’t dressed accordingly or had the right beauty essentials in your purse to touch up your beauty look.

You never know what new, amazing opportunities can be made over cocktails.


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Alethea Robinson

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