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Why You Need to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Sometimes in the “do it all yourself” world of small business it’s difficult to spot the areas that require outside help. You may be able to set up your newsletter, add plugins to WordPress and clumsily create header graphics for your social media profiles, but unpolished, unprofessional branding costs money. Trial and error costs money.  As an entrepreneur or small business, there are several reasons why you need to hire a marketing consultant.


There are certain things that you can research and learn yourself, but this takes time. It’s not something you can just set up, cross your fingers and hope for the best.  A marketing consultant will ensure that you don’t put money into marketing efforts that aren’t worth it. They’ll have a much better idea of how to maximize your return on investment than you will. If you do it yourself, you’ll be wasting a ton of money on trial and error campaigns.

A reliable marketing consultant will have years of experience. They’ll have developed a large network of trusted connections, from website developers to set up your company website, copywriters to write your company blog, emails and website content, video production experts and photographers to create online content and of course technology providers to automate many of your initiatives.


  • Want to build your business: a marketing consultant is a very skilled professional who understand analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve business.
  • Require a solid strategic marketing plan with both short and long-term goals: a consultant will work with you to create your company’s branding, its identity and how well it resonates with your desired demographic. The will evaluate existing marketing materials, social media and advertising and determine how successfully these are targeting customers and generating sales.
  • Want to expand into new markets and attract new customers: a marketing consultant can identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients. They can coordinate content platforms such as websites, blogs and landing pages. A consultant can write content mindful of Search Engine Optimization keywords to generate organic search engine rankings. And they can manage email and social media marketing campaigns, online advertising, mobile and local marketing.
  • Want to improve relations and loyalty with existing clients: a marketing consultant can improve client engagement through social media, create innovative campaigns on various media that are integrated for optimal success and manage interactions with customers.
  • Need help monitoring key metrics to measure success: a marketing consultant will track and review analytics and conversions to benchmark success and achieve optimal results.

Often, small companies will try to develop marketing campaigns and plans themselves. They think that by doing their own marketing, they’ll be able to save some money. But an experienced marketing consultant will be well worth the cost of assessing and improving your business.


Find out more about me, my services, a few projects that I’ve worked on, and why you should hire me as your marketing consultant. Drop me an email and we can set up a time for a consultation to discuss your business and goals.

This is your story, but sometimes you need help telling it. Consultants help bring out your unique story – the one you want to tell – and help you set the stage to tell it.


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Alethea Robinson

Founder & Blogger-in-Chief, See Girl Work

Alethea Robinson is the founder of See Girl Work. With over 10 years of marketing experience, she specializes in campaign execution, project management, team management and trade show planning and events. Alethea is also skilled at developing digital marketing content including blog posts, interviews, editorials and social media.


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