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10 Questions with Amy Pearson & Ashley Holden, Co-Founders, Stole My Heart

It was pure luck and perfect timing that I came across Amy Pearson and Ashley Holden’s profile on Notable. Amy and Ashley were being featured as Notable Young Entrepreneurs and after a quick read of their write up, I knew I wanted to profile them on See Girl Work as well.

Amy and Ashley are the co-founders of Stole My Heart, a new lingerie shopping experience located in downtown Toronto.  The duo opened up shop for two main reasons: they love beautiful lingerie and they want to help women feel amazing about their bodies.

Stole My Heart features lingerie brands that have been made by women for women with a very diverse range of styles to satisfy everyone’s definition of their feminine selves.

We just LOVE that!

Please enjoy 10 Questions with Amy Pearson and Ashley Holden.


1. In the beginning, what motivated you to become entrepreneurs?

We both spent a number of happy and successful years in corporate roles, but deep down we always wanted to create something of our own. Putting in long hours and pouring our hearts into a business that we built just feels so different than doing that for someone else. It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

For us, the dream had always been to work together and build something we could be proud of. The fact that we’re living that now is so incredible!

2. What problem are you solving?

Well, the fact is that the majority of women just don’t enjoy shopping for underwear. It’s just not an experience most of us look forward to and we really want to change that.

We’ve carefully curated brands that focus on the wearer feeling good rather than looking a certain way for a partner. It was also really important for us to fill Stole My Heart with pieces that speak to all definitions of femininity.

3. What’s the biggest thing you struggle with as entrepreneurs?

Finding the time to get everything done (and done well) while balancing family, friends and relationships.

4. What does a typical day consist of?

Our days are ever changing, but it’s always a whole lot of juggling. Our fave part of any day is when we get the opportunity to help a woman feel amazing in her own skin.

5. What do you love to do at night?

Catch up with our loved ones at a local spot over drinks. And baths. We’re both really into taking these therapeutic soaks with this incredible, detoxifying mustard bath we sell in the shop. #workperks

6. How do you dress to exude confidence?

We absolutely believe that feeling good is looking good. So a proper fit is key! Plus, killer lingerie helps.

7. Yoga, strength training, cardio or all three?

All three! But finding the time is a challenge. Amy’s a lover of strength training and tries to fit in a workout most mornings. Ashley counts her walks to and from the shop as her daily ‘cardio’.

8. How does your culture/background influence your work?

We both grew up with really strong, inspiring mothers who taught us that we could do anything we set our minds to. As long as we worked our butts off for it!

9. What do you consider to be lives well lived?

Finding something (anything) that challenges you to be the best version of yourself. And showing up every day for the people you love.

10. If you could write your own obituary, what would the tagline say?

That’s a hard question! Luckily, that won’t be up to us to figure out 🙂


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