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10 Things to Do After You Launch Your Business

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The last thing you want to happen after you launch your business is for your hype to die out. Or worse, not even have any hype at all!

After you’ve hired your web designer to create your dream website, spent hours making sure your vision comes to life, made sure your game plan is in action to share your voice with your target audience… then what?

You can take all the right steps in the launch process until the actual launch happens.

The last thing you want to happen after you launch your business is for your hype to die out or worse, not even have any hype at all! How can you make sure that your brand launches successfully?

1. Be Consistent

Your brand should be consistent everywhere! If you share your brand and be somewhat casual about it on some of your social media platforms, but then act restricted and bold in emails that might sound confusing to your clients.

When it comes to your social media accounts, make sure that each platform reflects your brand as well as any business cards that you may have to share. Keep plugging away at full force and be all about it right after you launch!

2. Create Engaging Content

Before you launch your business, make sure you are creating some important blog content about the launch to keep your followers engaged. Think of what your target market wants to read and give them that!

You also want to make sure you are providing a lot of SEO within your blog content which in turn will give people your blog when searching for your business.

Someone who is familiar with SEO and building empowering websites is Dan Anton. With his own business, RankCrew, he provides his clients with the tools and tips to getting clients to your website using SEO and link backs.

He offers 3 packages, depending on your sites building tasks. Dan is always up to date with the latest and greatest technology so you know your brand is in good hands with him and his team.

3. Connect

Your business can’t get off to a great start without you being in constant connection with your target audience. Look for ways to communicate with them organically.

Connecting with those that are interested in your business and will help to serve in the future. Be present as much as you can allow yourself to be. Give value and make sure that they can begin to trust you and your business.

4. Handle Growth

After launching your business there may be an influx of orders or emails that could come flooding through. It also could take a few weeks or months too.

However your growth begins, make sure you have some sort of system in place to keep track of all of it.

If things start taking off you want to be ready to have an efficient system regardless of if it’s your first time launching your business or you are doing a relaunch.

5. Reach Out

Do you have some of the best friends in the business? Ask some of them to share your business! Sharing their work in return will make them likely to return the favour to yourself.

Make sure that you have them start sharing your business weeks prior to your launch as well as weeks after to keep the momentum going.

6. It May Not Last

While launching your business is such an exciting time, there will be times where it may start to fizzle.

Think of your long term goals and how you want to keep your target audience engaged in the weeks and months after that launch happened.

Think of other ways you can keep your audience engaged with visuals or sharing important content on social media platforms.

7. Behind The Scenes

Teasers and sneak peeks are always fun to share as a way to build a great connection with your audience.

Talking about the process that it took for you to build your business, featuring a design or a web developer or even just ways that have helped you get to where you’ve been can be beneficial in keeping your audience excited and wanting to work with you and your brand.

Everyone loves taking a peek behind the curtain so share your ups and downs of what it took to get you there.

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8. Share a Limited Offer

While your business is going, keep the encouragement of your audience by offering a giveaway, sale or fun incentive for them to be interested!

Making sure that this limited offer is only available for that particular day or week is important for them want to get involved now! You can reward your first few new customers or clients with a special incentive as well.

9. Virtual Party

Your friends, coworkers and anyone that helped you reach your launch goal should be invited to this great virtual party!

Share a Facebook Live video of so people who aren’t able to be there in person can still feel apart of the big moment!

10. Stand Out

Within the first few hours, day or even weeks of launching, one of the most important things to remember is making sure that your clients/customers are happy and satisfied with your business.

Make sure that you are managing their expectations and find ways to make the experience for them better.

They are the ones that will tell you honestly if your brand is worth investing their time and effort. If everything seems to be going smoothly, keep up the hard work!

How do you keep your brand going?





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Caitlin Elisabeth

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  • Amy Pawlukiewicz

    Thank you for the well researched article! I especially appreciate the recommendation for the link building service. Those are really hard to find and weed through which ones are legit and which are trying to rob you. Great tips.

  • Casey

    What a fun idea to host a virtual party! I think this tip – and all the others – can apply to starting a blog as much as any other kind of business. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kirsta Reisinger

    I have not tried some of these things, I will definitely have to follow up on them for my blog.

  • Samantha (Vibrant Yogini)

    Thanks for sharing this! Some great realistic tips 🙂 I will bookmark this for later use!

  • Melanie Winters

    Love the idea of a virtual party! What a great way to celebrate a victory or milestone and encourage all of those who’ve been there along the way to celebrate and stick with you!

  • TeeShares

    These are great tips. Standing out is a big one for me, especially in this world where there’s a lot of you doing of offering the same… Thanks for sharing.


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