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4 Things We Learned from Netflix’s ‘Girl Boss’

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The anticipation for Netflix’s ‘Girl Boss’ was unreal. As a self-proclaimed girl boss myself, I was all in.

After finally reading the bestselling book this past January, I fell in love with Sophia’s story on how she built the Nasty Gal brand and her insightful approach to her experiences along the way.

Her straight forward and authentic advice forced me to kick my fears and doubts to the curb and start making boss moves. I’ve made a few observations since the show’s premiere on April 21.

If you were watching to learn how to become a girl boss, I hope you were paying close attention because there were tons of hidden entrepreneurial tips in the first season of the series.

1. Sophia’s confidence drove Nasty Gal into success

Sophia’s rebellious soul was the key in making Nasty Gal what it is today. Saying that the odds were against her is an understatement. She was 23, had been recently fired from her job, no college degree and no direction.

Although she was lost, she was confident that she’d figure it all out. Yeah, she could’ve given up and Nasty Gal would belong to someone else today, but her fearless approach to life took her ambition to the next level.

Choosing to go for whatever your “it” is rebelliously is a trait that all entrepreneurs should carry. Despite the nay or yay sayers.

2. She was willing to learn

Sophia wasn’t your typical “I wanna start a business” type of gal. She simply wanted to make a living from eBay after realizing that selling vintage clothes was profitable. But she quickly realized it wasn’t all that easy.

Sophia undeniably had an eye for vintage fashion, but she didn’t know how to run a business. With the help of a stolen eBay for Dummies book, she was well on her way.

When she didn’t know something, she made sure she sought after the answer and embraced her lack of knowledge with confidence.

She went through the lingering of trial and error just like every up-and-coming entrepreneur, but she took those errors by the balls and carried on to success.

3. Sophia WAS Nasty Gal

If there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s that Sophia definitely was her own target market, and in entrepreneurship, that’s normally how it’s done. Sophia knew exactly what her buyers wanted, most of the time.

Sophia completely embodied every aspect of her brand, she WAS Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal‘s culture carries one of an authentic unapologetic millennial woman, not one who is prim and proper.

Branding and marketing and blah blah blah is one thing, but the VIBE and culture of your brand are what gets an audience interested and loyal to what you’re offering. Sophia stays and continues to stay true to the culture and mission of Nasty Gal.

4. Sophia grew WITH Nasty Gal

As Nasty Gal began to reach higher heights, Sophia quickly learned how to change things up for her business. Whether it meant starting her own site, hiring employees or leasing space, Sophia allowed Nasty Gal to expand by making those necessary changes.

And as her business quickly grew, so did she. Sophia had to wear many hats before she could eventually hand them over to hundreds of employees.

What we do to surpass level one, won’t work in level two. When your business grows, you must bloom with it too.

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