5 Christmas Season Marketing Ideas for Freelancers

5 Christmas Season Marketing Ideas for Freelancers

5 Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas for Freelancers

Many consumers expect businesses to promote festive communications during the holiday season. If you are a freelance writer, public relations specialist, photographer, graphic designer or blogger, Christmas season marketing can boost your holiday sales, too. It’s also a great way to give back, raise brand awareness, and inject a healthy dose of Christmas spirit into your business. 

Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction in promoting your services, information products, and even sites and blogs during the Christmas season.

1. Get Festive Online

One thing you can do during Christmas is temporarily redesign your website or your company logo to reflect the spirit of the holiday. It’s a simple, often overlooked, tactic that adds a human touch to your operations. A quick approach is to take a leaf out of Google’s book, and pay a graphic designer to decorate your logo; it won’t cost much and can be reused each year. Consider customizing your Twitter page and Facebook logo for the holidays too.

2. Email Marketing

Emails are an inexpensive and easy-to-implement option for maintaining contact with existing clients. Email helps brands connect in a timely, personal manner, and during the holiday season, it’s a method that’s been proven to work. But you have to decide how the holidays will fit into your overall marketing plans. Will you be sending out season’s greetings emails to loyal clients offering specials? Maybe you’ll provide educational content to your clients that are particularly relevant to the holidays? Or perhaps you can do a round-up of gift guides by price point, gender or personality type (i.e. fitness expert, fashionista or tech guru)? Think about how the holidays fit with your brand, what value you want to provide to your clients and what calls to action you’ll be including in order to see an increase in either brand awareness, ROI or both!

3. Christmas Cards

I am a big stationery nut so I absolutely love any opportunity to mail out cards. In fact, I’ve already designed and ordered printed client Christmas cards from Stationary HQ.  Sending out real Christmas cards (instead of e-cards), allows me to be a little unique and promote my brand. This is something all small businesses and freelancers can do to raise their notoriety, familiarity and brand image. If you don’t have design skills or have access to a graphic designer – there are plenty of boxed sets that you can easily purchase at prices that won’t break your marketing budget. Just remember to be sincere and personal in your messaging and don’t forget to include a few business cards in the card as well. In our line of business – you most often get referrals via word of mouth. A few extra business cards will give your existing client a chance to pass it along to someone else seeking out your services.

4. Align with a Charity

People like to associate themselves with businesses and brands that support causes. Integrating your holiday marketing with a non-profit is a great way to promote your brand. Also if you support a cause that your clients or prospects care about, you gain their attention, respect and trust. The most successful marketing creates an emotional connection with the target audience and compels action. Being able just to say that you are aligned with a charitable cause puts a positive light on the public relations for your company or your personal brand.

5. Social Media Hashtag

By creating a festive hashtag related to the season, you can engage your followers in conversation. Last year, Target centred their Christmas marketing campaign on #MyKindOfHoliday which allowed its fans to share their own unique or favourite holiday traditions. This was backed up with weekly Instagram challenges, how-to photos and videos to inspire creative gift giving as well as last minute shopping tips on Twitter. Even though you might not sell a product, this idea could also work well for your service-based business.


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Alethea Robinson

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