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5 Reasons You Should be Using Facebook Live

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If you haven’t already, perhaps there are ways to incorporate using Facebook Live into your business objective and marketing plans.

Since Facebook debuted its live video streaming feature the internet has been a buzz with the benefits of not only video but live video.

Video marketing has a multitude of benefits for small business and of course, bloggers and content publishers. We can produce promo reels, show behind-the-scenes, conduct interviews or highlight blog posts.

But in all those instances — the videos are typically scripted, recorded and edited. With live videos — whether video streaming on Facebook or even Instagram — there is no post production process.  It’s live! Which means anything goes.

On March 8th, I partnered with my biz collaborator, Pauleanna Reid and we did a Facebook Live Ask me Anything Q&A to commemorate International Women’s Day.

I had been wanting to dip my toes into live social media broadcasting for a while. My belief is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

If you haven’t already, perhaps there are ways to incorporate using Facebook Live into your business objective and marketing plans.

1. Connect with Your Audience

Live streaming videos are a great way to connect with your audience. Whether your business provides products, services or consultation, live videos could be an effective way to communicate directly with those that your business caters to.

One of the things that makes Facebook Live so great is that you can see who’s watching, address them by name, thank them for joining the chat, and answer their questions in real time.

As we know, most people make purchasing decisions based on emotion. Doing a Facebook Live video stream is a great way to make your audience feel connected to your brand.

2. Build Authority

Doing live videos is probably one of the best and quickest ways to build your authority. As an alternative to doing an e-book, which may time to research, write and design, it’s relativity easy to set up a Facebook Live video.

Plus it’s no secret that people would rather watch a video than read an entire book. According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.

There’s a low barrier to access when it comes to setting up live video streaming events using Facebook Live and doing Q&A-style interviews and thought pieces.

You could showcase a new product, walk your audience through the benefits of your new line of services, filter customer questions.

You could even discuss your thoughts on a recent industry survey, discuss your opinion on the latest published article related to your business. Maclean’s Magazine does this very well on their Facebook page and I really enjoy watching their Facebook Live videos.

These ideas are great ways to showcase your knowledge and build authority in your niche using Facebook Live.

3. Build Trust and Brand Affinity

Indicators of brand affinity include: a high probability that customers will purchase from your brand, a likelihood that customers will stick with your brand or a company, a good chance that they will make referrals to your company or brand and high levels of overall customer satisfaction with regard to your brand, service or company.

Using Facebook Live to keep your  customers in the loop about changes, updates, news and new announcements related to your business can help build trust and brand affinity between you and your customers.

Being transparent with your objectives and taking the time to communicate changes via live video streaming can help to build trust and boost brand affinity naturally.

4. Repurpose Old Content

Using Facebook Live is a great way to repurpose old content. As you progress with your business — whether you’re a content publisher or a freelance service provider — it might become difficult to continually produce new content on a regular basis.

One of the benefits of using Facebook Live, is that it give you the opportunity to repeat, repurpose or repost your previously published content in a new format.

Since some people prefer to read and others prefer to watch video, your Facebook Live video will surely catch some new sets of eyes.

5. Show Brand Personality

Live video can give your audience a glimpse at who you really are and can really humanize your brand.

If you’re a blogger or content creator, you can show your readers a behind-the-scenes of what it takes to be an online publisher.

We are naturally nosy. We like to see behind-the-scenes and see how others work and what their work spaces and offices look like. We want to see when you’re creating your products or your rendering services.

Using Facebook Live is a great way to showcase your brand personality.

 The Take Away

Integrating Facebook Live into your marketing strategy is an effective and low cost way to connect with your audience, build authority, build trust, repurpose old content and showcase your brand personality.

But the important thing to remember is that your new live content should be an extension of your other marketing tactics. It should re-enforce your brand values and seamlessly sync with everything else that your business stands for.

The International Women’s Day Ask me Anything FB live stream was the perfect fit to reinforce our goal of becoming an online content resource for women small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

I really enjoyed the experience and thought it was equally valuable for both Pauelanna and I, and our respective businesses. I would definitely do it again with continual improvements in terms of content and video quality. Hint read below:

Sidebar: when I say anything goes with live streaming, I mean anything. During our live video, it took us a few seconds to realize our camera was turned the wrong way. Eventually though, we did figure it out. It’s a great example of being prepared to go live.


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