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7 Ways to Impress Your New Client

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How do you turn an ordinary client into a raving fan? All it takes is a little understanding of their needs and some creative strategies for exceeding their expectations.

You just signed a new client. You’re excited and anxious to get started. You want to knock their socks off right out of the gate.

When you go above-and-beyond to wow your clients, they can become a wellspring of repeat business. They’ll refer new customers to you, and publicly reinforce your reputation to others over and over again.

But how do you turn an ordinary client into a raving fan? All it takes is a little understanding of their wants and needs and some creative strategies for exceeding their expectations.

Here are 7 ways to impress your new client.

1. Treat them like people, not paycheques

Your goal is to get the client to trust you and hire you, but that doesn’t mean you should get right down to business. Before you dive into the tech talk, take a few minutes to get to know your client. If you’re on a video call, ask about where they live or comment on something you love in the background.

If you’re together in person, ask them how they like the taco place across the street. In short, make small talk. Remember their name, their birthday, their upcoming projects and launches. Be friendly, and let them know that their business is important to you.

2. Send them a welcome package

A welcome package is going to make a client feel confident from the get go. It makes you appear professional and organized, and they gain an understanding of what it’s like to work with you.

This is something I’ve recently started doing with all my new clients. It sets the tone for my business and lays the foundation for the kind of working relationship I want to develop with them. Your welcome package can include your office hours, your process and anything else they need to be aware of to get started.

3. Do research on the client and their industry

Even though you’re going to ask your client a ton of clarifying questions, your first meeting shouldn’t be the first time you think about them. Clients will find you trustworthy and capable if you can show that you know a little something about their business or project.

4. During meetings, use an agenda

Use an agenda to make sure you cover everything you need to, and run the agenda by your client before you get started. An agenda shows you have a plan and gives the client a reason to trust you: you’re in control of this ship.

5. Take notes during meetings and conversations

I take handwritten notes during all my client meetings—whether they are over the phone, in person or via Skype.

Taking notes throughout the meeting means you won’t leave anything out or forget anything you talked about, but it also shows the client that you’re engaged and focused, and that you take their words seriously.

6. Let them know about industry news or helpful tools

A client recently hired me to write blog posts for his website. I was only hired as a writer but I ended up giving recommendations on SEO and website optimization.

Letting your clients know about industry trend or helpful tools allows them to trust you more. It also makes you look like an authority.

7. Be organized, on time and on top of things

I know, easier said than done when you’re juggling multiple clients and deadlines. That is why you need to have the right systems and processes in place.

Workflows and reminders are a life saver for staying on top of your projects and keeping your clients in the loop on your progress. If you can appear to be organized and professional your clients are going to have more faith in you.

Providing an amazing client experience will set your business apart and make you look like a genius. Click To Tweet

As freelancers we rely on referrals and repeat clients to stay in business. When you provide a memorable customer experience, people are going to talk about it.

They’re going to remember you and they’re going to think of you next time. Providing an amazing client experience will set your business apart and make you look like a genius to everyone you work with.

What are your tips for working with new clients?


Alethea Robinson

Founder & Blogger-in-Chief, See Girl Work

Alethea Robinson is a freelance marketing & content writer who provides content strategy, blogging, and writing & editing services for creative agencies and small to medium-sized businesses. In addition to her freelance business, Alethea is also founder and blogger-in-chief at See Girl Work, an online community for creative, entrepreneurial-minded women. Before starting her blog and freelance business, Alethea worked in marketing and communications for over 15 years.


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