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Dana Shalit Knows How to Throw a Party with a Purpose

Dana Shalit

Artbound’s World with Colour pARTy is an electric celebration of creativity, dance and music. We recently spoke with the charity’s Director about what it means to use art to empower those in need.

I can hardly imagine a world without any colour, creativity, music, or design. I can hardly imagine a world where I couldn’t express my thoughts in visuals, where I couldn’t clap my hands to the rhythm of the beat, where I couldn’t gawk at the curation of colours in a painting.

Our world without art, without music, without colour would be a very dark place. But that’s how millions of children around the world live each day.

Now imagine a huge party with 1,000 people all moving together, creating momentum that triggers a spark to light the darkness. Hearing the best of world-renowned DJ’s and turntablists, gazing at jaw-dropping performances and media installations, and letting explosive beats fill your soul.

With the World with Colour pARTy, it’s marquee fundraising and social initiative, Artbound is throwing a party with a purpose and is inviting us to ignite this spark.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the foundation’s co-director, Dana Shalit about organizing this massive party and affecting social change.

“We partner with other charities to bring art-inspired initiatives around the world. We’ll partner with charities that take care of all the aid-based needs such as food, water, shelter, education and alternative income programs. Then we come in, we support what they’re doing, then we’ll add the art component. We’ll bring in community centres or after school art programs.”

Founded in 2010, Artbound is a 100% volunteer-run, Canadian charitable foundation that funds art-inspired programs in Canada and all over the world.

“Art is a global language. I’m an artist, but I’m also an immigrant, so to me it just made sense. When the idea came up, I came onboard as the event producer. Five years later I took over as co-director alongside my business partner Reagan Zuzarte.”

Artbound believes in the power of the arts to empower those in need, provide them with the right tools to reach their full potential and help break the cycle of poverty.

“You can give someone food, water, shelter, but the drive to live, the will to live comes from creative self-expression.”

Comprised of Creatives, Media and Digital Professionals, Artbound has raised $1.1 million in only six years.

In 2011, ArtBound funded the Kisaruni all-girls Arts School in Kenya. The school provides arts programming, classes, and activities to the girls on a weekly basis.

In 2015, ArtBound travelled to Guatemala. They funded bunk beds for communities in need and provided art supplies for the El Amor de Patricia Orphanage—a home for abandoned, abused and neglected children.

In 2016, ArtBound travelled to a rural community in Nicaragua. They built two classrooms, funded a year-round arts programs, hired five teachers, and repaired the local school bus.

“This can be the thing for kids. They can either choose to go into gangs after school or they can choose to do an art class.”

The focus of this years’ fundraising is to build arts-focused solutions in Haiti, the First Nations, Nicaragua, and right here in Toronto.

“You see a kid hold a paintbrush for the first time and you see their eyes light up. It doesn’t matter what part of the world.”

The 2017 World with Colour pARTy promises to be the largest, most electric celebration of creativity, with food from Drake Catering, an open bar, two stages, pop-up performances, live art and media installations.

“The whole idea is for everyone to feel super connected and super inspired. To not only get that spark in their heart but to also know that they are contributing to someone else’s spark across the world. It’s really about bringing people together.”

Hosted by Tyrone Edwards, the event will feature performances by Turntablist, Scratch Bastid; DJ, Matthew Romeo; Street Artist, Domingo Mattle; Aerialist, Zel Tyrant; and Cuban Dancer, Melissa Noventa.

“So many of the people involved are really thinking of the whole. How do we, as a whole, use art to bring consciousness up, to make people feel love in their hearts as opposed to fear? We’re all operating on that level.”

Artbound’s World with Colour pARTy kicks into high gear on September 28th at 8 PM till late. Dress code is black & white or full-colour.

“It’s a conglomeration of creatives and people who are passionate about art. It’s a feast for the senses.”

Party with a purpose to afford others these privileges that we all take for granted. Get your tickets and show up for this great event.

When asked about her hopes and dreams for Artbound’s future, Dana excitedly responded:

“I definitely see it as a massive foundation that’s supporting many charities across the globe adding that art component in. We’re not stopping here, that’s for sure.”


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