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Mimp Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Wants Us to Live Life and Have Fun

Filled with girl talk and female empowerment, I had the pleasure of attending Mimp Magazine‘s Spring Issue launch party and caught up with the mag’s Editor-in-Chief, Andreya Klobucar.

Mimp Magazine is an independent online and (Biannual) print magazine dedicated to teens and young women who don’t have a specific style but are very specific people. Mimp Magazine aims to create an empowering environment for girls and young women everywhere.

Mimp Mag’s Spring Issue Launch Party was an afternoon of snacks, dancing, girl talk and female empowerment! But my favourite moments of the afternoon was speaking with the magazine’s young Editor-in-Chief, Andreya Klobucar.

When younger folks approach me for advice on getting started, my only advice ever is: “do what you want.

The younger gen today have so much more than I ever did when I was coming up. This relatively new era of the internet and social media have created the opportunity for the younger gen to create their own platforms, publish their own stories and share their own messages of positivity and inclusiveness.

And that’s exactly what Andreya has done with Mimp Magazine.

Yes — there are mean minions in the online universe but that’s exactly why we need more Andreya Klobucar’s and Mimp Magazine’s in the world.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Andreya. Her passion and mission for the magazine was evident at the launch party. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future issues and opportunities to interact with this growing publication.

Find your copy of Mimp Magazine’s May 2015 issue on MagClould.
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