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The Do’s and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting for an Event

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Live-tweeting an event can provide you with an opportunity to connect with influencers in your industry and establish your reputation as an expert.

Live-tweeting an event can help your business by providing you with an opportunity to connect with influencers in your industry and establish your reputation as an expert.

However, when you choose to live-tweet for an event, ensure that the event — whether it’s a conference, workshop, fireside chat, or panel session — relates to your industry, business, and area of expertise. For example — it doesn’t make sense for you to live-tweet at a hair show if your business is about fitness.

Below are the do’s and don’ts of living-tweeting for an event.

Before the Event

Know the Event Hashtag

Event hashtags are vital for your live-tweeting efforts. The majority of modern day events use a specific hashtag to promote their event and encourage discussion.

Make your hashtag short and sweet so people have plenty of characters left to tweet takeaways and quotes.

Alert Your Followers about the Upcoming Influx of Tweets

Avoid irritating (and consequently losing) followers by giving them a heads up that there will be a lot of tweets about a particular event between this time on this date.

Thanks to Twitter’s mute feature, it gives them time to temporarily silence you rather than having their feeds completely spammed out by your live tweeting.

Create a Stockpile of Generic Tweets

Create a stockpile of tweets for things like the opening of the event, introductions, break announcements, and closing tweets.

If you already know who will be speaking at your event, and so on, you can also create some generic introductory tweets that can be sent. This will save you precious seconds that could be otherwise spent listening to what’s going on.

You can save them right in the Twitter app in drafts, or use social media platforms like Hootsuite or Social Oomph to schedule them in advance.

During the Event

Use the Event Hashtag in Every Tweet

Make sure each of your tweets include the event hashtag. When faced with the choice of cutting the hashtag or shortening the copy of the tweet, opt to shorten the copy of the tweet.

Let your speakers know you're tweeting about them by including their Twitter handle. Click To Tweet

Add to the Experience

If you’re live-tweeting an event like a conference or webinar, be sure to add to the conversation using quotes, photos, or videos. This is especially important for people who can’t actually be in the live audience.

Let your speakers know you’re tweeting about them by including their Twitter handle when you promote their sessions or quote them.

You can also reveal something to the crowd that they wouldn’t have known before such as behind the scenes photos, stories, a funny gif, or video clip.

Interact with Other Tweets Using the Event Hashtag

Keep track of the official hashtag as well as unofficial hashtags that may have popped up. You won’t be able to see every single tweet, but look out for questions you can answer, quotes from other attendees, or positive comments that you can retweet.

After the Event

Do a Blog Post Recap of the Event

Recapping the event is a great way to extend the conversation once the day is finally over. Write a blog post, showcase a short video or create a photo album on your Facebook business page.

You can also include all the best tweets from the event in your post. Make sure the tweets feature a healthy mixture of your own and tweets from other attendees.

When you share the content on social media, use the event hashtag and tag the speakers or other influencers who attended the event. Included attendees might just tweet out the blog post since they’re featured in it.

Included attendees might just tweet out the blog post since they’re featured in it. This is great for generating traffic back to your website and blog.

Use Analytics Tools to Track Progress

By studying peaks and valleys during tweeting, you’ll start to see patterns which can help improve your live-tweeting tactics. This includes making your own account and shortening every link to tracking your progress through a third party app such as or Sysomos.

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Live-tweeting, when done well, can have extraordinary benefits for the brands behind the tweets, but make sure that it aligns with your overall marketing goals as well.


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