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5 Things We Learned at Fashion Career Forum

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Startup Fashion Week was five days of fashion, technology and business. But one event stood out from the bunch — Fashion Career Forum. Here’s what we learned!

We spent five days immersed in fashion, technology and business at Startup Fashion Week in Toronto last week.

Between the parties, conferences, workshops and runway shows — it was sad to see the festivities come to an end.

But one event stood out from the bunch, the Fashion Career Forum.

It not only assembled some of the top freelancers and influencers in Toronto, but it also brought out all the savvy business minds together under one roof.

The panel lineup at Fashion Career Forum included: creative commercial photographer, Shayne Gray,  founder and blogger at Fashion SavageMeaghan Elizabeth, lead visual display artist at Saks Fifth Avenue, Janielle McKoy and Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief at Novella Magazine.

They discussed their paths to success and we took notes!  Below are top five lessons we learned at Fashion Career Forum.

1. The Freedom of Being your Own Boss
The ability to be your own boss comes with great perks such as creative control and the liberty to make your own decisions. But nothing comes easy!

Being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure and every little detail counts. Toronto fashion and lifestyle blogger, Meaghan Elizabeth, decided to work on her blog full-time and made sure she was involved in every aspect of her brand.

It’s all about opportunity and growth, which her brand has been successfully accomplishing.

2. Branding
Your brand is everything! This is initially how you’re introduced to the world. Most brands are successful due to their niche and fulfilling a demographics need.

For your overall brand to make sense and appeal to your audience, you need to understand what they want and what you can offer. But the key is staying consistent.

3. Creativity vs. Business
Taking pointers from the first point of being your own boss, sometimes you have to work with other companies or collaborate on projects. Depending on the team and assignments it can be hard to fulfill certain requirements but they need to be done.

Janielle McKoy brought up a great example by informing the audience that she has creative control when it comes to styling her mannequins, but certain small details such as stuffing clothes or hemming pants are a non-negotiable to her company. Proving that creativity can only take you so far at times.

4. Social Media for Business
Social media is proven to help brands build a bigger following and achieve major success. But social media can only help to a certain extent.

Shayne Gray mentioned: “It’s not the tools that make the artist but the artist makes himself.” Gray contributed a valid point. You train your eye to capture the essence of your brand, but if you don’t necessarily know what you are doing, it will show.

5. It’s not all about the glamour!
Every career comes with different hardships. Whether it’s blogging and being on top of trends, researching the latest products or capturing the essence of someone’s beauty behind the lens — every career has their own philosophy. They may all look fun and glamorous at first sight but they all put in the same amount of work as any regular job.

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Jennifer Joseph

Jennifer Joseph

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