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Femuze: The Journey from 9-to-5 to Entrepreneurship

In Greek mythology, the nine Muses are goddesses of the various arts such as music, dance and poetry, and are blessed not only with wonderful artistic talents themselves but also with great beauty, grace and allure. Their gifts of song, dance and joy helped the gods and mankind to forget their troubles and inspired musicians and writers to reach ever greater artistic and intellectual heights.

It is from this origin that Tyeishia Timlet (pictured left) and Jiselle Wilson (pictured right) run their brand Femuze (the feminine muse) ─ to empower creative women in fashion, music and beauty all in one Muze.

“When women link up, we create a revolution,” explains Tyeishia, who founded Femuze before being joined by co-founder, Jiselle. “Femuze was created as a place for young millennial women, just like ourselves, to come and just be. Be whatever they want to be; beautiful, confident, a boss or an entrepreneur. Femuze has no limits. We coach and mentor women on self-development, personal branding and lifestyle management.”

After stalking them on Instagram for quite some time (we tend to stalk people on Insta), See Girl Work finally reached out to the brand in hopes of a content collaboration. I really enjoy their messaging of empowerment, momentum and encouragement and wanted to share their insights and journey of entrepreneurship with our community as well. Thank you Tyeishia, for sharing the journey of Femuze with the See Girl Work community.

Creating a Platform for Women

When I told my brand partner, Jiselle Wilson, about the idea of creating a platform for women, our creativity immediately spread like wildfire. Her passion for feminism definitely topped mine and there was no hesitation. That’s when we decided that we were going to go after it. Of course we couldn’t call up our jobs and quit the next day. I wish it was that easy. This was just a hope and dream for us at the moment and still is. I am currently a full time security officer for a corporate company in addition to being a full time student and part time blogger. Jiselle works full time at Lamar University and is also happily married. As you can imagine ─ with such demanding roles ─ the pursuit of entrepreneurship along with our personal lives and regular 9-to-5 responsibilities have been very challenging. It’s hard but it is possible.

Struggles of Working together as Women

As much as society creates the falsely proclaimed image that black women can’t get along, we are the first to say that it’s not true. Some millennials just want to have bragging rights so they can say, “I did it alone.” But they fail to realize that building anything worth something takes a team. Even if your team is just cheering from the sideline or simply helping the brand stay active on social media while you focus on content, it’s all for the ultimate goal ─ your empire. We keep open communication with each other and focus on building the brand together. There’s no jealousy. We’re building this ‘ish together!

The main thing that we struggle with right now is time. There isn’t enough of it. As much as we, millennial women, would like for everything to happen tomorrow it just doesn’t happen that way. Great things take time and even more time than some of us might be too impatient to wait for. Starting your own business takes a lot of investing and sacrificing. It might take sacrificing those few extra hours of sleep just to get a blog done or it just might take sacrificing happy-hour with the girls so you could save money to invest in a new camera or plugin for your website. If you aren’t willing to come home every day after working that 9-to-5, then turn around and work towards something for yourself, then entrepreneurship might not be for you. We believe this is only the beginning. This is the easy part. Entrepreneurship is an ongoing hustle that never stops.

Enjoying the Journey to Entrepreneurship

As we both grow and transform into powerful women, we want to make sure to bring up millennials along the way. What’s the use of learning from your mistakes if all you do is store them away for the world to never see them? We don’t rock like that.  Femuze is a space where we help you achieve new level of heights, new ways of thinking, as well as surpassing that potential that we all have but are so frightened of.  Femuze is about creating a life worth living, creating a movement and providing resources to help the lives of other women. We aren’t stopping any time soon. We are going to show you what being a boss babe looks like!


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Tyeishia Timlet

Tyeishia Timlet

Founder, Femuze

As the founder of Femuze, Tyeishia Timlet helps millennial women tap into their inner girlboss by providing valuable resources on self development, personal branding and lifestyle management.


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