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A Letter from the Editor: Redefining See Girl Work

The long awaited origin story of See Girl Work and what it means to me today.

As the story goes— I originally created my blog as a school project back in March 2015. The assignment was to create a social media resume. As part of my resume, I included a marketing blog.

Once I was done with school, I deleted the resume but kept the blog portion of what I had created. I named it See Girl Work. It was a name I brainstormed with my sister just going back and forth via text. It was one of those lightening in a bottle, aha moments.

I wanted something that was easy to remember and something that would look good on social media as a handle or hashtag.

When I said it out loud. It knew it was the one.

Toward the end of the school program I was taking, I started exploring the idea of going into business for myself. But I wanted to meet other young business women to pick their brains about what the process would entail and to learn more about their experiences.

However, I was kinda shy to start randomly cold emailing women who I’d never met and had no connection to, so I created an interview series on the blog called #10Questions.

I started emailing young women entrepreneurs who I could profile. But really, I just wanted to meet them.

The first woman I emailed was Pauleanna Reid, a writer, motivational speaker and Founder of a mentorship company.

My strategy worked and I met up with so many smart, creative and hyper-motivated women. In addition to Pauleanna, I met women like Emilia Farrace, Founder and Creative Director at Simply Elaborate Creative Agency and Lisa Simone Richards who has just started her own PR company.

Meeting these women was the last push I needed to finally take the plunge and go into business for myself as a freelance marketer and content writer.

The purpose of the blog then shifted to becoming the centre piece of my content marketing strategy. Its job was to earn me clients for my freelance business. And it did just that.

One of the first jobs I had was writing website copy for WOMENEUR™, a client that found me through the See Girl Work Instagram and who referred me to two or three other clients.

Pictured alongside social media journalist, Jennifer Joseph at Startup Fashion Week. Image via Timoke Foto

But then, a funny and surprising thing started to happened—I started to attract more than just prospective clients for my business. I started to grow an audience of readers. People started commenting, following, listening and subscribing.

The See Girl Work community became a thing.

I must admit, it became addictive. I started pouring more of my heart and soul into the blog. I started attending events and met even more amazing women. Artists, stylists, tech founders, designers, speakers, photographers, bloggers and content creators.

Wow! It was unreal.

I met women like Reese Evans, the Founder of yes supply, Emily O’Brian, the Founder of Gatherr and Natalie Skrinjar who founded Cake Luxe, one of Toronto’s premiere luxury cake design companies.

We attended Startup Fashion Week (as media!) and met women like Jodi Goodfellow, Founder of Startup Fashion Week and Rashi Bindra, Founder of Pearls & Sequence.

I met young women like Andreya Klobucar, the Editor-in-Chief of Mimp Magazine.

The more women I met, the more I wanted to share their stories on the blog and promote their business, ideas and ambitions. I envied them. I envied their fearlessness and confidence. But I also felt empowered by them.

Looking at my analytics told me that the profiles, interviews and stories were receiving the most traffic.

To date, a guest post written by Ianthia Smith documenting her personal journey from employee to entrepreneur is one of our most shared articles.

The short video clip I put together to recap the Mimp Magazine Spring launch party, is our most watched video.

Then even more craziness happened. Brands and businesses started to take notice of the blog. First it was a few small startups, but then bigger, more well-known brands started to email me. Whoa!

When the Director of Creative & Marketing at MaskerAide volunteered her time and expertise to contribute an article, I knew the blog was turning into something.

Karen Viray’s guest post on how bloggers can work with brands has quickly become one of our most read articles.

Brands seemed to like the mixture of marketing and productivity tips, but they also liked the storytelling and profiles as well.

They like that See Girl Work resonates with women entrepreneurs and brand owners who are young, savvy and social media influencers in their own right.

Then I got to the point where I needed to figure out next steps for the blog. That was a few months ago.

I’ve realized that See Girl Work is no longer just a marketing blog meant to promote my business. I see the potential for it to me so much more.

Although I am still working through redefining See Girl Work, I know that my experiences in trying to grow a profitable business and the experiences of other women trying to do the same thing will be forever baked into what I publish.

I will always want to talk about marketing, social media, blogging and strategy on the blog (I’m kind of a nerd and these things fascinate me).

But profiling smart, creative and entrepreneurial-minded women who are on a path to creating their own lifestyles, on their own terms and who want to do it for themselves will become more of what we do and is now firmly rooted in our core values.

I’m so excitetd about what the future holds for See Girl Work. It wakes me up every morning.

I love thinking about it, I love working on it, I love reading the comments and I love feeling like I’m contributing back to the community of women who continue to support me in my business endevours every day.


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Alethea Robinson

Founder & Blogger-in-Chief, See Girl Work

Alethea Robinson is a freelance marketing & content writer who provides content strategy, blogging, and writing & editing services for creative agencies and small to medium-sized businesses. In addition to her freelance business, Alethea is also founder and blogger-in-chief at See Girl Work, an online community for creative, entrepreneurial-minded women. Before starting her blog and freelance business, Alethea worked in marketing and communications for over 15 years.


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