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SEO for Style Influencers

Spark Sessions SEO Workshop: How to Grow Your Traffic

On May 28th, I attended a workshop entitled SEO for Style Influencers: The Nuts and Bolts of Higher Rankings. The workshop was produced by Spark Sessions, a conference and online platform for Canada’s fashion and beauty influencer community.

What started off as a small understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) eventually led to how the term could work in our favour. As we gathered together for the workshop, we knew we were in for an informative orientation — and we were all ready to take our websites and social media platforms to the next level.

As the session began, I realized that some of the attendees’ blogs were just flourishing and some were just learning to master the basics of SEO. One thing that stood out instantly was that every website’s back end is important. SEO is a representation of your blog and you have to make each search and click count. That’s where our instructor, Kat Andrikopoulos, a Senior Search Specialist at Cossette and co-founder of Her Collective, came in to teach us the proper tools and strategies to achieve better search rankings.

SEO for Style Influencers : The Nuts and Bolts of Higher Rankings
{SEO for Style Influencers: The Nuts and Bolts of Higher Rankings. Photo via Spark Sessions}

SEO for Your Brand

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping your brand, a clear tone needs to be established. You’re in charge of your brand’s reputation and SEO plays a big part of this by providing organic search results. You control what you are putting on your website — so you might as well do it right.

SEO for Your Website

Your website needs some sort of presence and your content is a valuable part of what will make it successful. When it comes to writing your posts, it’s best to keep your words between 750-1000 and using titles or slugs that are short and sweet. Another great tip when writing on your blog is to leverage your brand by linking to your older posts. This will get viewers to stay on your blog longer and view your older posts that may have initially received less clicks. Also, when linking from other sites be as descriptive as possible and credit the authors. This will allow readers to click thru to material that they may have been specifically looking for. There also needs to be keywords associated to your content to make it more searchable.

Below are tools and solutions to help you achieve better search engine rankings:

Ÿ • Google Trends shows the normalized level of interest of prospective keyword phrase. It also allows you to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases.

Ÿ • Google Analytics tracks and reports traffic on your website. It can also tell you where your traffic is coming from, how long readers stay on your site and even which pages or posts are your most popular.

Ÿ • Google Webmaster helps you submit your site directly to Google’s search engine. You can also submit a sitemap for your blog or website and identify any issues or red flags that may be occurring on your site.

Ÿ • Search Engine Land is a leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on new SEO trends and tips right from the leading experts.

Ÿ • SimilarWeb uses data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for websites and mobile apps.

SEO for Your Social Media Channels

Having a consistent social media presence is important. This could eventually lead to relationships with other brands. Before posting to any platform, a clear analysis of the top trending topics should be considered. From there you can proceed on posting about any relevant subjects to attract an audience. Each social media post should include a short and catchy caption, one unique hashtag and a corresponding image. One common mistake that some influencers tend to make is keyword stuffing. But Kat let us know that no more than five keywords or hashtags should be included in a post or you risk decreasing your readership. Another great tool that many seem to overlook or forget is geo tagging. It’s the process of adding geographical identification to your photography or videos — this will lead to new followers on your page.

As style influencers, it’s our job to strategize and keep our audience interested in our content. And the end of the event, I felt equipped with the right tools and information for my own posts and social media platforms. We can correct the small errors in our way to reaching our goals. At the end of this workshop all of our pending questions were answered — and we got one step closer to becoming SEO experts.


Style Influencers: Chiara Ferragni, Hanneli Mustaparta and Nicole Warne
Photo via Clemens Bilan/Stringer


Jennifer Joseph

Jennifer Joseph

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