The Instagram Rules: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Boring

The Instagram Rules: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Boring

Instagram is not for everyone. If you make the decision to join this unique social network, please be sure to carefully read the Instagram rules and proceed with caution. And note: Just as it is often applicable in the fashion-sphere, the classic proverb “the rules are made to be broken” holds up in the case of the Instagram as well.

What is an Instagram-Worthy Picture?

In short, anything beautiful, awesome, hilarious, or amazing that evokes emotions including but not limited to: laughter, appreciation, jealousy, inspiration.

Bear in mind: Unless you are a food blogger, pictures of food should be used sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: “Will this make someone hungry, or will it make them want to throw up?” If the answer is throw up, do not post the picture. We have all seen avocado toast. Every single one of us. It is indeed very tasty. But unless yours comes with gold flakes, there is really no need to share that picture. Coffee art should also be used sparingly. Facebook is a better platform for coffee art: You’ll get plenty of likes from the middle-aged mothers.

Pictures of cheesy quotes are absolutely forbidden (e.g., “You Have as Many Hours in the Day As Beyoncé” or any quote that instructs someone to “Keep Calm and _______”). Pictures of yourself that were published on a website with a watermark are never acceptable. Try pinning the picture to Pinterest instead, or just get over yourself.

Do not post the “circle of feet” (or hands) picture. It isn’t a good ’gram. Unless everyone has on spectacularly unique shoes, people will just assume you wanted to tag people but your friends are ugly. (Note: Pictures that include faces get 38 percent more likes than those without.)


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