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5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards

5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
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5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
"Thanks a Melon!"

Source: Queenie's Cards
5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
"Thanks for Poutine Up With Me"

Source: Queenie's Cards
5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
"You're Noteworthy"

Source: Queenie's Cards
5 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards
"I'm so Grapeful!"

Source: Queenie's Cards

Surprise and delight your clients with these 5 tips for writing thank you cards.

Since See Girl Work is still in it’s infancy as a marketing and branding collective, we depend on client referrals and extended relationships in order to generate new business.

In fact — I think I can confidently say that most of our new business comes from referrals.

This is why I think it’s important to cultivate exceptional client relationships and experiences. A big part of our client services is sending out thank you cards.

You’d be surprised at how far this small gesture goes in solidifying a long-term client relationship. It tells the recipient that you value their business enough to go the extra mile.

Secure your next round of business, and surprise and delight your clients with these 5 tips for writing thank you cards.

Be Timely. Mail your thank you cards in a timely manner. We typically mail thank you cards once a project is underway. I don’t wait until the end because I want to establish a relationship as quickly as possible. I also find writing thank you cards early on sets a precedence with the client to let them know we care about customer service and the project will be executed at the highest level.

Use Premium Cards. Use premium cards and stationery to delight your clients and make them feel fussed over. Queenie’s Cards is a stationery and gifts company based here in Toronto. They create whimsically illustrated cards and stationery designs that will make your clients smile and say “awww!” I like Queenie’s selection of fun thank you cards. You can even pick which colour envelope you want the card to go with. Order online or pick up a few at one of these retailers that carry Queenie’s Cards.

Hand Write Your Note. Use cards that are blank inside so you can hand write your note. In this day and age of @mentions, retweets, quotes, likes and favourites, nothing is more well-received than a heartfelt, handwritten thank you card. Okay — if your handwriting is illegible — have your assistant or friend do it. But even the worst of us can try to carefully use our own handwriting to craft a short note of thanks.

Be Specific: When thanking your client as a gesture, be specific in what you are thanking them for and reference the project(s) that you are working with them on. “Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you on your upcoming website launch.” Being specific and referencing the service, product or project, lets them know that you are not writing a generic note. It lets them know that you have carefully written the thank you for them as an individual.

Include Business Cards: Even though writing a thank you card to your client is a personal gesture, it’s still about business at the end of the day. It’s not only a part of your clients services — but writing thank you cards should also be considered an extension of your marketing efforts. You want to let the existing client know that you value their business, but you also want to let them know that you’re accepting new business as well.  At the most — include two business cards in every thank you card that you send out.

“Invest in your clients and they will invest in you.”

Your thank you cards don’t need to be elaborate or expensive. The thought behind it moves mountains. Invest in your clients and they will invest in you and your ability to deliver quality service.


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