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5 Plans to Implement Before Becoming an Entrepreneur


Every successful entrepreneur has made a plan for their business, and then implemented the plan to contribute to their success.

When I started Priceless Planning in 2015, I quickly learned that when you choose to become an entrepreneur, rarely does anyone discuss all the behind-the-scenes planning that it takes to be successful.

It is even rarer that anyone discusses the types of plans needed for your new path to success and financial freedom.

Jane wants to slay it as an entrepreneur. Jane realizes that having “Priceless Plans” is her secret weapon. Jane creates and implements her plans. Be like Jane.

The reality is that every successful entrepreneur made a plan for their business, and then implemented the plan to contribute to their success. That is why sometimes you are left dwindling your head on how ‘Jane’ can be killing it as an entrepreneur.

What’s the bottom line? Let’s look at 5 types of plans you should have when choosing to become an entrepreneur. After all, you too can have Priceless Plans as your secret weapon in your entrepreneurial journey.

Sidjae Price, Founder and CEO of Priceless Planning
Sidjae Price, Founder and CEO of Priceless Planning

5 Plans to Implement Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

1. Customer Retention Plan

When you create your business, you should develop a plan that will not always cause you to be in search for new clientele. It takes less energy and time to build a plan that will allow for you to have a lifelong client.

Whether you are a product based or service based business, it is most certainly possible to have a retention plan for your consumers.

Think about your favourite shoe store: are they always sending you coupons, thank you notes? Do you use them to shop more over and over again? More than likely it’s a part of their retention plan.

2. Regular Product or Services Plan

When it comes to having a plan for your regular products or services it is one of those things that is a well kept secret. But the truth is people have it, as those who have been enjoying ‘entrepreneurial land’ for quite sometime know that people have a lot going on each and every day.

Therefore, you must have a plan in place for how you will get your products or services in front of them each and every day. Or at least a few times within a business quarter.

In fact, I tested the theory and ran the first few months of my business without a plan on how to sell my regular products and services. When I realized the results were not good, I quickly and proudly relapsed into my habitat of planning.

3. New Product or Services Launch Plan

Unless you are Beyonce and can just drop something overnight and launch a tour two weeks later, you should know that you must have a plan to launch your new product or service offering to your audience.

This plan is probably one of the most detailed plans that I create for my business. Here, you are developing several series of strategies to get your new product or service in front of your customer.

The thing about creating a launch plan is that it has to be customized based on your industry and audience. You cannot borrow a plan from someone else and use it. What works for them, might not work best for you.

4. Quarterly Business Plan

We plan the business, but these mini plans are forgotten. The quarterly plan! How will your business get new traction this business quarter? What are your financial goals? How will you take small steps to implement these goals? What did you do in last quarter that bombed and shouldn’t be repeated? What products or services are you selling this quarter?

All of these details need to be outlined ahead of time so when your new business quarter approaches, you are not functioning in chaos. Do you really want a chaotic business quarter? Every quarter you don’t plan, think of it as showing up to a Black Friday sale without a plan to quickly get to the items you need before the other hundreds of  other customers show up.

…some people have been in business for years with nothing to show for it.

5. Visibility Plan

This is the first plan I created when I created my business. I figured out avenues I was going to be seen. Before I knew it, six months into business I was hosting an interview series with 15 notable women entrepreneurs in front of hundreds of people.

I was getting seen and I had made my first business sale less than 90 days of being in business. I was told that I broke a record as some people have been in business for years with nothing to show for it.

I had planned ahead of time exactly what I needed to do in order to be seen in my industry. Now when I tell people how long I have been in business, they really don’t believe me.

My dear business coach once told me, “You have to get out there and be seen!” and I did just that! I did it by making a plan to increase my visibility.

Just like how you make a plan for your Instagram crush to see you by taking a selfie in right amount of light (visibility plan), you need to make a visibility plan for your business.

Just like how you plan your IG selfie, you need to make a visibility plan for your biz. Click To Tweet


One of my good friends, Tiffany Lanier, once told me  “If you plan on making money, but you don’t have a plan on how you’re going to make the money, you won’t have any money.”

So what are some of the different types of plans that you have implemented in your business?  If you need help in creating and implementing some Priceless Plans that will take your business to the next level, then connect with us at info@pricelessplanning.org.


Sidjae Price

Sidjae Price

Owner and CEO, Priceless Planning

Sidjae Price is a millennial empowering action and inspiring change. She helps modern women in business go from chaos to clarity by creating easy to follow actionable steps to clean up there behind the scenes mess of business and life, resulting in a thriving business and giving them back family and personal time. Sidjae is the CEO of Priceless Planning, a business consulting agency, Founder of Speak Loud Inc, a 501c3 non-profit and Co-founder of The Launcher Society a collaborative for modern women in business.


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