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7 Ways to End Your Work Day on a High Note

Emails never stop and our social feeds will go on forever, so it’s important to know when and how to end our work day on a high note.

7 Ways to End Your Work Day on a High Note

I’ve been in business for just about one full year and I’ve just about gotten the hang of it. It was a major adjustment going from corporate 9-5 to working for myself and being the one to determine my working hours.

As women business owners, we are always striving to work hard in order to build a business that is sustainable. But after years of working for “someone else” I know the difference between working hard and working smart.

I’m a work horse not a show pony, so I’m used to grinding it out working long hours, managing multiple projects and putting my own wellness last.

But in managing my own business, I really wanted to ensure I was balancing business life and personal life. I’ve learned when to set my alarm clock, how to manage my client workload, and how to maintain my wellness and healthy eating habits.

I’ve also learned how to set up a routine for the end of the work day. As female entrepreneurs, our approach to the end of the day is just as important as our approach to the beginning.

Emails never stop and our social feeds will go on forever, so it’s important to know when and how to end our work day on a high note.

Below are 7 ways to end your work day on a high note.

Turn off your computer. This could be seen as a no brainer. But when I step away from my desk — even if the computer screen is left on — I still feel like I’m working.

Since I work from home most of the time, turning off my computer is my equivalent of leaving the office. Once you leave the office, work is done and there’s nothing more to deal with until the next day (pending emergencies, of course).

Drink chamomile tea. Insomnia and sleepless nights often go hand-in-hand with running a business. Especially when you’re still just trying to get it off the ground and into a good place.

Drinking a cup of fragrant chamomile tea at the end of the day can ease insomnia, boosts your immune system, banish worry, and ease depression. If you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed on those days when sh*t just ain’t going right, you may find soothing relief in a cup of chamomile tea.

Eat a healthy dinner. Healthy eating is a big one for me. Whenever I have a healthy dinner with lean protein, whole grains and lots of veggies, it always makes me feel comforted and wholesome. Overall healthy eating habits can improve your mood, boost your energy, controls your weight and improves longevity.

Chat with a friend. I must admit that I haven’t been able to keep up with my friends and a social life outside of work-related events on a regular basis. But when  I’m feeling extra anxious, I will just randomly send a shout out to a friend. Humans are driven on connections.

Working from home comes with a lot of isolation. Getting a short but sweet “What’s up?!” from a friend does wonders.

Use a face mask. With the cold winter weather finally here, it’s time to make sure we have a solid skin care routine that fits into our evening ritual. I just added hydrating facial sheet masks from MaskerAide to my skin care routine.

Even if you sit in front of the computer all day, research suggests that prolonged exposure to a computer screen may lead to discoloration, blotches, rashes and skin allergies. If you’re out and about, your skin will naturally take a beating from the sun.

In addition to drinking plenty of water and using a long-lasting moisturizer with sunscreen, I love pampering my skin with the Weather Warrior facial sheet mask from MaskerAide. It’s made of an Argan oil based serum, and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Plus MaskerAide products don’t contain any harmful products, are not tested on animals and are Eco-friendly. I can relax for 10 – 20 minutes while I sip my tea.

Image: MaskerAide Weather Warrior Facial Mask

Take a bubble bath. A warm soak in a comfortable bath provides the perfect environment for relaxing. Add a relaxing scent to your bubbly bath with a couple of drops of essential oil such as lavender, bergamot, vanilla or cedarwood will encourage natural relaxation.

The hot water encourages deep muscle relaxation to ease cramps, prevent tension headaches and improve muscle elasticity. The heat of the steam stimulates the immune system and improves health.

An improved immune system will help your body fight bacteria and viruses which means less coughs and colds.

Netflix and chill. Curling up on the sofa to plow through a box-set with your partner can develop a stronger emotional bond. We all need closeness and feelings of love so what better way to end your day.

Planning a relaxing routine to end your day allows you to celebrate your accomplishments. Click To Tweet

Whether through pampering, self-care or healthy eating, planning a relaxing routine to end your day allows you to celebrate your accomplishments for that day, while also preparing you to tackle new goals for the next one.

Relax, chill, pamper yourself. Take a load off. Your deserve it!


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